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Preparing for Surgery

Day of Surgery

Prescription Medication

On the day of surgery, continue to take your medication in accordance with your prescription. Do not take any medication that function as a blood thinner or that has been prohibited by your surgeon prior to your surgery. If you are on diabetes or high blood pressure medications, be sure to take them as prescribed, as well as bringing them with you to your surgery appointment so that you may take them at the appropriate time.

Food and Water

During your consultation, your doctor will inform you of the type of anesthesia you will be given. If you are going under the local anesthesia, your daily diet schedule will not be affected prior to your surgery date. It is recommended that you do stay away from caffeine at least four hours before your surgery.Patients may be given oral sedatives, such as Valium (diazepam) or Xanax (alprazolam). Oral sedatives will calm patients and provide relaxation during surgeries. However, if you are going under the general anesthesia (extremely rare for eyelid surgery), avoid consuming any food or beverages, with the exception of water, the night before and on the day of surgery.

Clothing and Make-Up

Do not wear any makeup or lotion on the eyes. Wear comfortable clothing, as you will want to be comfortable during and after the surgery process. Plan on staying home after surgery as you may feel tired and drowsy from the remaining anesthesia or oral sedatives in your system.