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The Ideal Shape and Dimension

Eye Width (Vertical)

In terms of its vertical dimensions, the degree of the color aspect of the eye (iris) shown varies for women and men. Ideally, for women, 90% of the iris should be shown, whereas for men, 80% should be shown. If the amount of the iris displayed is less than the dimensions mentioned above, one may exhibit a tired or harsh appearance with the degree of the appearance of iris. For example, when less than 70-80% of the iris is visible, it gives one a tired appearance; if less than 60-70% is visible, it gives one a harsh appearance. This condition is called eyelid ptosis. (Refer to Ptosis) Eyelid ptosis surgery corrects for the defect of the eyelid muscle and gives one an ideal vertical eye dimension.

In conclusion, the horizontal eye enlargement allows for individuals to enlarge their eyes medially or laterally with the ideal eye dimensions that would appropriately fit the width of the face. Since Asians tend to have wider faces, the horizontal eye enlargement procedure yields a more suitable balance to the overall face. For patients with small vertical dimension of the eye, vertical eye enlargement (ptosis correction surgery) will dramatically improve the patient's overall appearance and feel to the eye and face