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Revision Surgery

Eyelid Crease Height Alteration

Patients may seek to alter the size of the upper eyelid fold after double eyelid surgery when they believe that their double eyelid fold is either too high or too low.

High to Low Fold

A patient can seek revision surgery to change a high fold from initial double eyelid surgery to a lower fold due to: (1) patient changing their minds, (2) inadvertent high fold as a result of a weak eye muscle (see ptosis), or (3) inadvertent high fold as a result of surgeon fixing fold to the high aspect of the eye muscle rather than the lower aspect as the surgeon had intended. The method for correcting this complication can depend on the presence of excess eyelid skin and the cause of the high fold.

Low to High Fold

Patient can seek a higher fold from that of the lower fold from their initial surgery due to a patient's change of mind, a smaller fold incongruous to the shape of patient's eye, or a decreased fold due to sagging skin. Revision for this instance is easier in that the surgeon can create a higher fold. The fold from the previous surgery becomes negligible as the higher fold becomes the dominant fold.