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Finding the Right Surgeon

When considering Asian eyelid surgery, it is important that patients research the procedure and find a surgeon that has a great understanding of the eye and aesthetic sensibility. Eyelid surgery involves a tremendous amount of art and skill, and is not to be performed by any and all plastic surgeon(s). It requires years of refinement and detail-oriented skill. The development of these sophisticated techniques involves deep scientific understanding of the eyelid's anatomy (e.g. the interaction of nerves, tissue, and muscle movement), biomechanical functions, advanced surgical techniques in double eyelid surgery, and technological research and collaboration. Another important factor that the surgeon must have is the "eye for aesthetic." Surgeons must be able to distinguish what looks natural and beautiful for their patients in order to properly plan out and successfully accomplish the desired outcome. Unfortunately, "eye for aesthetic" does not come from training or studying from books, as it is an intrinsic ability that only comes from growing up with Asian people, being exposed to their natural beauty and appearance. In order to get the most natural looking and lasting results, it is important to educate oneself on the procedure and get to know the surgeon who will perform the surgery.