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Brow Lift

Forehead Lift

When sagging occurs at the brow region, the most effective method would be forehead lift. Forehead lift requires an incision along the hairline, repositioning the stretched skin and muscle of the forehead and brows. As the forehead regions are pulled above, not only does it correct sagging eyelids but it also clears the wrinkles on forehead. Even though this procedure requires an incision on the skin, the incision is made along the curvature line of the hairline that leaves with minimal scar. Forehead lift has been widely performed in Western countries. However, Asian patients have relatively thick eyelid skin which causes the sagging to occur underneath the brows. This makes them inadequate candidates for forehead lifting in correcting sagging eyelids, as the surgery will raise the position of the brows and resulting in a harsh and surprised appearance.