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South Korea and Double Eyelid Surgery

The popularity of plastic surgery in South Korea, including double eyelid surgery, has exponentially grown due to the heavy influence of the Korean entertainment industry as well as Koreans' high value of aesthetics in general. In South Korea, celebrities and other entertainers in the media have larger, double eyelid eyes. With high-definition technology, even the slightest surgical eyelid scarring can be visible through television and media. Therefore most of the newer, younger celebrities opt for the more minimally invasive surgical procedures for the eyelid. This heavily influences the general population and therefore eye enlargement surgery is high in demand. Average Koreans to affluent Koreans of all ages seek double eyelid surgery.

Per capita, South Koreans are known to undergo the most amounts of eyelid and eye-enlargement surgery than any other country in the world. Today, Korean culture has evolved from its once more rigid and conservative nature to a more modern high-tech society. Korean society is fast-paced, emphasizing an importance on efficiency and expediency. As a result, plastic surgeons as well as patients seek to improve and develop ways to expedite recovery time.

In the area of double eyelid surgery, there has been much innovation and development since the 1990s. Prior to that time, very little research and advancements were made. Today, much focus and research has been placed on eyelid surgery and Asian rhinoplasty, contributing significantly to advancements in these fields. Double eyelid surgery and its results have tremendously improved, resulting in more natural and long lasting results compared to the more primitive techniques used in the past. (Refer to Overall Advancements in Asian Eyelid Surgery).