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Asian Eyelid Surgery

Dr. Kenneth K Kim

Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Kenneth K. Kim has dedicated his practice to providing patients with the latest and most in-depth research concerning their procedures. Dr. Kim strives to impart his knowledge and educate patients, as he believes it is important for the patients to be fully apprised of the procedures they choose to undergo. Dr. Kim considers it his responsibility to provide patients the utmost care and expect his work to make positive impacts in their lives.

Asian eyelid surgery is one of the most misunderstood facial surgeries. It is intricate and complex--comprised of a significant number of nuances. In order to achieve the most natural results, all intricacies of the surgery must be taken into consideration. As a specialist, Dr. Kim believes in sharing the most recent medical advancements and cutting edge research with his patients as these discoveries are a vital part of the surgical sphere. Medical innovation and education is an exciting and enriching experience in both the surgeon and patients, and a vital step in the patient's journey of transformation.