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Alternatives to Surgery

Many people resort to various means outside surgery to create a double eyelid fold. Numerous Asian companies have been marketing so-called “eyelid tape” and “eyelid glue” as these alternative means. These methods have gained immense popularity among younger people for their relatively low cost and seeming harmlessness. However, these methods are temporary and damaging with prolonged use. With persistent use, the eyelid skin and tissue experience extensive trauma – the skin thickens and loses elasticity due to excessive stretching and inflammation from the tape and glue.

Eyelid skin is considered to be very thin compared to other parts of the face and body and is therefore very sensitive. Subjecting such sensitive skin to irritation of glue or tape results in a premature loosening and thickening of the eyelid skin. It can also lead to discoloration of the skin.

Furthermore, double eyelid surgery becomes increasingly challenging to perform, as thicker skin requires extra measures for proper formation of a clean fold. Thus, it is advised that patients avoid or immediately discontinue using such harmful measures, despite their temporary effect for double eyelid folds.