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Eye Rejuvenation

Hollowness or bags under the eye can make one appear tired and less energetic. It can also make an individual’s cheekbones appear disproportionately larger. Volume loss in the orbital can be a result of genetics and can occur as early as late teens for some individuals. Prior eyelid surgery where too much fat was removed can also result in hollowed eyelids.


Volume under the eye along the bony eye rim region can be restored by fat grafting. Not to be confused with youthful lower eyelid fullness, this procedure improves the appearance of the hollowed area between your lower eyelid and cheekbone or your upper eyelid. Fat grafting around the eyes is in high demand but can have complications.

Eye rejuvenation of the upper eye region using fat grafting can have high incidences of complications as there are limitations to proper plane where fat can be placed. It is technically difficult and must be performed by a surgeon that has an in-depth understanding of eyelid anatomy.

Due to the complexity of this procedure, in some cases an incision must be made in order to directly observe the tissue planes before fat is placed. This is typically done in revision cases, where incision is required for surgeons to get a clear view of the scar tissue as well as tissue plane before placement of the fat.


Similarly, commercial fillers can be placed to achieve more volume in the lower and upper eyelids. There is virtually no recovery time involved with this procedure. One must seek a skilled surgeon who understands the delicacies attributed to the eye region in order to attain natural and favorable results.