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Forehead Lift

When sagging occurs at the brow region, the most effective method would be a forehead lift.

A forehead lift requires an incision on the scalp and repositioning the skin and muscle of the forehead and brows.

As the forehead region is pulled upward, not only does it correct sagging eyelids but it also clears wrinkles on the forehead. Even though this procedure requires an incision on the skin, the incision is made on the scalp which leaves minimal scarring. One of the common mistakes of a forehead lift is that the sensory nerves are injured during the procedure. It is important to understand the sensory innovation of the scalp, so there is minimal sensory deficit after surgery. 

Patients with high eyebrow position are not the best candidates for a forehead lift in correcting sagging eyelids. This surgery will over-elevate the brow position causing them to have a surprised appearance. 

A forehead lift is an effective and powerful procedure that not only lifts the entire forehead but also improves the creases above the bridge of the nose for older patients. The wrinkles on the outer sides of the eyes are also improved when the entire forehead is lifted. In addition, the frowning muscle/corrugator muscle can also be removed at the same time. Thus, this procedure is comprehensive and highly effective in taking away the heaviness of the eyelids.