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Double Eyelid Surgery – Introduction

The eye encompasses the color aspect, white aspect, the shape, and the surrounding skin of the eye. Many individuals with mono-eyelids can have obstruction to the upper aspect of their eye shape, which can take away from the overall dimension of the eye. Aesthetically, people seek to undergo double eyelid surgery to improve their overall appearance by improving the shape of their eyes. Patients with an existing fold may choose to undergo this procedure to increase the size of their original fold, correct a weak fold, or correct an asymmetrical or multiple folds. Other patients undergo double eyelid surgery for functional reasons.

Some individuals with mono-eyelids experience cornea irritation due to short eye lashes that aim downward into their eye. Hooding of the eyelid skin or weak eye muscles can also affect the functionality of the eyes due to vision obstruction.

Undergoing double eyelid surgery can therefore improve one’s overall appearance as well as improve eye functionality. There are two surgical techniques for double eyelid surgery– suture and incisional. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, and depending on various attributes of the patient, one technique is likely to be more suitable than the other. For any patient undergoing eyelid surgery, it is important that your surgeon performs a ptosis examination prior to surgery (Refer to Ptosis).