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Traditional Technique

The traditional technique of lower eyelid surgery was done by removing the fat and some of the excess skin, which was then stretched. Several problems occurred with this traditional technique. By simply removing the fat, patients were left with hollowed eye appearances, causing them to look unhealthy and malnourished. The traditional method does not enhance the patients’ appearances and they are left dissatisfied with the results. Additionally, older patients with architecturally weaker lower eyelids, may experience eyelid turn down or sagging (technically called ectropion or scleral show) by use of this older technique.

The main problem with this technique was the lack of understanding of the profound composition of the lower eyelid structure and mechanism.

Surgeons seldom understood how much fat they could remove from the patient or where to reposition the fat tissue in order to bring back the patient’s younger appearance. In addition, surgeons thought that by excising the excess lower eyelid skin or by lifting the lower eyelid muscle, they could smooth out the loose skin or muscle of the lower eyelid. However, over long term, this has caused more problems that required additional surgery/correction surgery.